Performers of the year 2021 on the capital market

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February 17, 2022

Performers of the year 2021 on the capital market


2021 was an extraordinary year for the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The Romanian capital market recorded in 2021 multiple all-time highs on different levels, and we can say that the Romanian stock market had one of the best years in history. These extraordinary achievements of last year are due to the actions taken by all stakeholders involved in the capital market.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange recognizes and rewards the performance obtained by the best of the best in the event that has already become a tradition and organized at the beginning of each year, in February.

February 17, 2022



Opening speech, Radu Hanga, Chairman of the Board, Bucharest Stock Exchange


Opening speech, Adrian Câciu, Minister of Finance


Opening speech, Oana Ștefănoiu - Head of Financial Instruments and Investments Sector,Financial Supervisory Authority


Adrian Tănase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange


The awarding ceremony


Photo session with the winners

Capital market awards

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